1. Bored at work. Someone kik me no1maggot


  2. allandeverythingfallout:

    I like crossovers for fallout and other things. Except mlp. I hate mlp crossovers.

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  3. Kik me on no1maggot super bored at work.


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  5. It’s 7am and I wouldn’t mind some people to chat with, got 12 hours of work ahead of me. Can kik me on no1maggot


  6. Kik me if you fancy it on no1maggot or on Skype via the same username.


  7. Just woke up, talk to me.



  8. Someone asks for kik messages, you message them. They don’t message back. Why are people doing that? It doesn’t even make sense. You just judge the person on their picture then decide not to speak to them. Fuck you then.


  9. In need of good conversation.



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    Milla Jovovich & Daft Punk

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    Daft Punk - Instant Crush (ft. Julian Casablancas)


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  15. Princess Mononoke
    1997 Japanese theatrical poster

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