1. Yeah this is my face.


  2. Callam, Steve and I ripping our shirts.


  3. Two pictures of the short film shoot I have been on over the last two days. A production called Holy Shit by Jacob Kronen. If you like the look of this then look out for the final piece it’s a hilarious script with some brilliant acting and some amazing locations. Pictures taken by Ahmed White Photography.



  5. Howard Ellison - The Tree

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    For my current film which is a fairytale theme, we are going to be using a voice over actor to do the part of a tree that has a face carved into it. This tree with be telling the story to a young girl about a world where people work in offices and drive cars. Though the story will be told in a way where the Manager is the King of the company. The second in command is the Prince, and so on. We have worked really hard on this project and did our first shoot today! Tell me what you guys think.


  6. This is a shot of part of the set and two of the extras on my shoot today. We were working for 9 hours today. Took 4 hours to set up the room to look like an office, then 5 hours shooting. Started at 12 and finished at 9. We had a great shoot and I can’t wait to show all you guys the finished piece.