1. Please check out my Youtube channel, subscribe and then look forward to some amazing videos, I am going to be starting a very active Youtube account. 


  2. The Fall

    This film gets so intense. I love it. 


  3. Just watched Notorious, I remember seeing the trailer for it when I was at the cinema once and I was really up for watching it. Surprised it took me 3 years to watch it. Was very enjoyable though.


  4. Good news about the Akira live action remake set in New Manhattan.

    It’s not happening!


  5. I fucking love A Goofy Movie.

    Was so good to watch it again. I think I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I even remember some of the lyrics of the songs. Too cool for school.


  6. Diggers

    Watching this for the first time, I am enjoying it so far!


  7. So what if i’m a 22 year old man who is about to watch Moulin Rouge by himself?

    It’s a great film ok…and yeah I will sing along! 


  8. Watching Little Giants at the moment. I remember so much of it, it’s great :) 


  9. Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King

    Watching it now, it’s the extended edition. We have watched the previous two over the last couple of days! 


  10. These are some of my favourite films. Trying to pick ones from different styles of film. 


  11. Watching Welcome To The Dollhouse, it’s pretty good so far. Heard good things about it. Steve and I are having a movie marathon!


  12. Now watching Planet Terror love this film. The excessive grindhouse craziness is just the best.


  13. Watched this for the first time earlier. Really enjoyed it. Had heard about it lots before, i’m just not the biggest horror fan. It was still very good. I liked the way it was filmed and loved the suspense it was able to build up. 


  14. Just starting to watch Total Recall. Best intro ever :)


  15. I just finished watching Scream 4

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