1. Been feeling really low lately. Been looking into various mental diagnoses but It is always a bit hard to self diagnose. I feel like I have a very little emotional attachment to people and things, nothing seems to satisfy me for longer than a few hours, even then it’s just a means to an end. If I’m alone I spend most of the time just sitting on my bed.


  2. No matter how good my life has been, I am still envious of others.


  3. How does this even happen?


  4. Tired after a long day of driving.


  5. Swindon

    Does anyone live there and can I be your friend?


  6. Change

    Slowly but surely I see myself change. over the last year I have finished University, turned 24, moved out, lost a job, gone on the dole and just generally been fighting for survival. I have started to become less of who I was, loosing things like my lip ring, my flesh tunnels (gauges), my friends. It’s a very sad period, I miss who i was, I wish I could be back at University but with a mixture of a few other things from now thrown in. Mainly I miss all my friends that I used to see every single day, who now I rarely see in a month, if that. 


  7. Still haven’t got the internet installed in our place. It’s only been a month and a half.


  8. Me just after being born.


  9. My Birthday night out.

    Ended up with me getting way too drunk and throwing up on my bed then waking up in the night and sleep pissing in my bin, I lacked a lot of aim! 23 now, big boy!


  10. Now I live on a main road.

    It is a lot more interesting then living away from it, before all I would hear was police sirens. Now I get to hear drunks, fights, break-ups and at the moment a homeless man playing a recorder. 


  11. My recent absence

    Hello. I haven’t really been online much lately as I work during the weekdays and do about 11 hours a day. I also work away from home which means that in the evening I am with the guys from work and don’t have much time to come online. I also have a girlfriend now and that’s going well so I don’t have much free time when I’m home on weekends. So yeah not much Tumblr happening. Will keep it going and when university term starts I will be cracking on with some Tumblr! Lol


  12. I have earned £1000 in 8 days work.


  13. New Job

    I am going to be working full time and also am going to be travelling a lot around the UK doing my job. So yeah I am in Derby for the whole week, staying in a hotel. If anyone lives in Derby send me a message! I also was originally going to work for this company over the summer as a work experience type thing. Now they are paying me and will be giving me lots and lots of hours. I was also going to get no pay. Then they said that it was cool and they wanted to pay me so I am now getting £12.50 ($20) an hour, then if I work overtime on a weekend I get £18.50 ($29) an hour. Fucking excellent. 


  14. Wow this is a very scary coincidence.

    I had a dream last night that I was looking on the internet and had come across some information about one of the girls I knew back when I live in Germany. So that when people read this they will understand why I dreamt this, loads of the kids back in my school in Germany were rich as fuck. The school I went to cost a lot of money to go to, luckily for me my dad’s company paid for it, but all the rich local German people who wanted their kids to go there had to pay for it. Anyway, I dreamt that she had a birthday party and 3,000 people came and that I read about it online. I wake up today and it is her birthday! Freaky.


  15. Just got woken up by my Nan.

    She asked me if I wanted to come over for Sunday lunch tomorrow. Hell yeah :)